Testimonial :  "Thank you so much Estela for all you have done for me. You helped me in so many ways and I'm forever grateful. I'm glad I dialed your number. You are a true blessing." 

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Testimonial: "I Cannot believe this is working. This is amazing..."

Jesper Parnevik - Professional golfer - top 10 of the word (2017)

At Sunshine Life Coaching and Hypnosis Center, we are committed to helping our clients use the power of their mindset and identify any barriers that hinder their maximum potential to live better than ever.  


We strive to take our clients to the next level; whether it is to quit smoking, a weight loss goal, reduce stress, overcome fears, ace that next big interview, improve the performance of company employees, enhance relationships with more joy or simply increase sports performance. 

Using hypnosis​, coaching, and NLP,  we can help you overcome obstacles, stress, fears, and self-limiting beliefs so you can achieve your goals and enjoy the life you want.  


At Sunshine Life Coaching and Hypnosis Center we are ready to help you! 


We will use coaching, hypnosis and NLP techniques.


Call us at +1 (786) 660-0482 to schedule your Initial Consultation or click the form link and fill it out and we will contact you.

Congratulations, you are now taking control of your life!


At Sunshine Life Coaching and Hypnosis Center we can help you live your life better than ever before.

Using hypnosis​, coaching, and NLP,  we can help you overcome obstacles, stress, fears, and self-limiting beliefs so you can achieve your goals and enjoy the life you want.

We specializes in helping our clients change habits whit the use of hypnosis, NLP, and hypnotherapy tools. We use hypnosis to quit smoking, hypnosis o improve athletics, hypnosis for sports, hypnosis for attention deficit, hypnosis to improve academic abilities, hypnosis overcome fears, Hypnosis to increase self confidence and much more.  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Feel Better Than Ever at Sunshine!

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